Social Media has evolved from just sharing information to one another to a complex network of intertwined websites which you can use for Marketing. Lately marketing on Social Medias is been happening so much that they have started creating their own tools to help you with what you want to do. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have their own Ad Managers which help us personalize the looks and get the full use of all the functions available for those social media sites. SMM includes activities like posting and sharing texts, images, videos as well as other content which increases audience engagement.

SMM is mostly used to improve communication with the users, increase brand visibility and to reach more potential customers. To get your product popular on social media you must have quality content which catches the eye of the customer. Getting popular on social media means reaching millions of people and increasing your brand awareness. You can use SMM for free just need to be active with efficiently using all the ways provided by the social media websites. SMM can also be used to increase the web traffic on your website and has a high change of converting the Visitors to Buyers.

Rough Idea of what all we will do in Social Media Marketing (SMM) :

Measuring ROI of Social Media

  • Guidelines for Measurement on Social Media
  • Qualitative Feedback
  • Framework for ROI Measurement
  • Creating ROI Metrics Dashboard
  • Tools to Measure ROI

Twitter Marketing

  • Profile Creation and Management
  • Design the Twitter Page
  • Hash Tags

LinkedIn Marketing

  • Profile Creation and Management
  • Lead Generation through Individual Profiles
  • Lead Generation as Enterprise: Company Page, Ads, Developer API, Groups

Facebook Marketing:

  • Facebook Account Setup
  • Different options on Facebook (Profiles, Pages, Apps and Groups)
  • Facebook Page Setup
  • Using Graphics on Posts
  • Managing the Facebook Page
  • Content Creation Strategy
  • Types of Posts
  • Facebook Traffic Insights
  • Generating Likes and Shares
  • Implementing Facebook Share Button
  • Implementing Facebook Like Box
  • Implementing Facebook Comments in Site
  • Facebook Groups
  • Sponsored Posts in Facebook