Pay-Per-Click or PPC Marketing is a type of advertising in which as the name suggests, we have to pay each time our advertised link is clicked by the user. This type of marketing can be used to boost a new business and create brand awareness among targeted users. PPC is great for lead generation. Google Adwords is the biggest PPC platform provided to us. Along with other Google products such as Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Google Trends we can create strong Ad Campaigns to get the best Rate of Interest for our PPC. 

Google Adwords is mainly based on keywords selected by the Advertisers. In Google AdWords, keywords are used to determine cost of advertising. Advertisers bid the most relevant keywords. A higher Cost-Per-Click  or CPC bid can allow advertisement to show at a higher position on the web page. This type of marketing is used mainly due to the quick results, unlike SEO.

Google Adwords provides smarter way to beat competitors. Adword report shows data of competitors who outrank business on Google. In Google Adwords, advertiser can select target outrank automatic bidding strategies to adjust bid to outrank specific competition in the auction. Re-marketing or re-targeting is the best way to influence customers to purchase something. Advertiser can also customize ads as per customers’ website usage such as by offering discounts or offers. Advertisers can also select dynamic re-marketing ads as per the interest of customers. All these strategies are beneficial to drive business growth rapidly.

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