Email Marketing - A Powerful Tool to Boost Your Business leads

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the first and most used Digital Marketing Techniques. Now-a-days almost everyone has a email-id and being one of the most lead generating tools its still used a lot. Some companies just have automated software’s which target a list provided to them with each and any updates of the company. This type of marketing technique goes on the motto “Quantity over Quality”. Companies have even started to sell lists of email users that they collect from lead generating sites. Email is one of the fastest, cheapest and easiest ways for marketers to connect with customers.

Some of the popularly used E- Marketing tools are MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Drip, SendGrid and mailjet. Most of us check our emails daily so email-marketing is a way to be in contact with the people on daily basis. The ROI is mostly good so company tend to keep it going even if they don’t get preferred traffic. Email marketing is cheaper now than traditional marketing methods such as printed media. Email marketing can be automated easy with the help of tools, they are easy to track and measure. Emails are device compatible. Email marketing can be time saving, shareable and also helps to increase our Brand awareness.


To have a successful marketing campaign, you’ve got to succeed in the proper customers at the proper time. Yes, I’m reiterating now because it’s that important.
With email marketing, it’s that much easier to succeed in people because they always check their email. they will check it at any time, on multiple devices, which may improve the success of any marketing campaign.
This means you’re getting into front of your audience on a daily basis, so you’re always top-of-mind.
While traditional campaigns like direct or print are often costly, email marketing campaigns tend to be less expensive .
For example, you will not need to buy any photoshoots, location fees, printers, mailing, or placement. All you would like may be a copywriter and printmaker (if you are not using stock images). this will even be one person on your team.
Additionally, email campaigns don’t take long to supply . If needed, you’ll produce an email in at some point , which is far less expensive than the time it takes to supply an immediate or print campaign.
Since time and budget constraints always impact marketers, email marketing campaigns are often more efficient, while also generating revenue and leads.

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