How to write a Facebook ad copy ?

facebook ad copy

With increasing content on social media, it is getting difficult to get new ideas for writing a Facebook ad copy which can attract your potential client and convert to a lead.

If you are stuck in writing an ad copy these following tips will help you to write awesome ad copy which will target your clients

1)    Know your target audience

     When you write a Facebook ad copy you should understand that you are creating an advertisement through Facebook platform and hence you should focus your content based on target audience for example: “A Coffee shop  owner will focus on how the coffee they serve will benefit their customers “ Therefore your target market and target audience is an important factor you should consider while writing an ad copy. You can use A/B testing to identify which ad copy is working better. 


2)    Visuals are everything

  An attractive ad image can convert a client for you When a user watches your Facebook ad the first thing he notices is your ad image, therefore, you can’t compromise on your ad image.Ad images should be on point with less the 20% text.We should mention offer or valuable text on ad image to attract customer to read ad copy and take action. Giving offers such as Download Free eBook, 50% off on first order, etc will engage your consumerYour Image and ad copy should compliment each other and should display the same message as an outcome.

3)     Keep it Simple

It can be difficult to keep ad copy content simple as we have a lot to say about our product or service but keeping it simple will convey your message to your consumer in a much efficient way.

Hence instead of mentioning every bit of information, you can mention important content which directly asks the consumer to take action for example: Do You Want a Free EBook? , Would You Like to signup for Free Demo Lecture?  using these call to actions are much more engaging and will help your business get leads.

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4)    Avoid overselling

Avoid adding sale speech in the content or using words such as buy now , get now again and again instead try to provide value to your consumer through words mention how your product will benefit your consumer because your audience is looking for value You don’t need to mention who are you instead try to mention why would they choose you


When it Comes to write an ad copy for Facebook you need to understand how your audience will Perceive it with right words you can make your audience curious therefore the next time you write an ad copy for facebook remember these 4 points mentioned above.