What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free service and easy-to-use tool that will help your business to manage easily. It also helps to display your business hours(working hours), photos, address, etc. on Google Search and Google maps. Google My Business is useful for all types of business be it small, medium, or large businesses.
GMB contains all your business’s important information that customers want to know about your business. It will provide top results before the organic results. The GMB search results display valuable information of your business that customers would want to know like Business Name, Business Type, Address, Hours of Operation, Contact Number, Link of your business website, Images, Customer Reviews, Popular times to visit, Related Searches and More. It is great to use GMB when you want to do Local SEO of your business.

What We Can Add In Google My Business?

Business Information

Our Google My Business Service Provider works from Mumbai and we are up-to-date with your business name, address, phone number, hours, and business category, etc. Digital Infinite i.e. our company highly suggests description between 730-750 characters

Upload Images

Even though our company is working from Mumbai You can send us the images of your business. Be it your office, shop or any other location. We will upload all the images and images will also increase the chance for your business to rank in top of the Local SEO.

Respond To The Reviews

With the help of GMB you can easily respond to your customer reviews and also help them by answering them to the queries regarding your business. By giving an review you can make your customer feel valuable and they will return to you always for your product or service that you provide to your customers.

Update Posts

You can update any of the post in your website and update it in your GMB as well. You can also post it in your Social Media Platforms. This post content then also becomes visible in your Google Search and Google Maps if you want to show it to public. You can also update any of your other detail as well.

Upload Videos

Uploading videos can help your business to grow more. Customers like to see more of images and videos before visiting any place. It is also a best way to attract, engage and communicate with your customers and keep them loyal customer of your business.

Add Short Names

Short name as the name suggest is a short and customized name that you can keep for your business. One short name can only be used once. So even though there are various business which has same name only 1 of them can have the short name others will have to use some other short name.

Digital Infinite - Google My Business Service Provider

We at Digital Infinite which is owned by Mr. Kaushal Pandey, provide various Digital Marketing services. Google My Business is our most used service. With the help of Google My Business (GMB) you can do Local SEO very easily. Your business can show up to anyone who is searching for the product or service that your company give. In our GMB Service Provider we help you to grow your business online with less efforts. Even though your business is not in Mumbai we can still take care of your GMB and help you grow your business online and also locally. We also help to get your business verified fast in GMB as compared to other Businesses. With the help of GMB you can track how many viewers you have got. You can also read the reviews of your customer and reply them which will make them feel valuable and they will keep coming back to you more often.