Digital Marketing in Education Field

More than 85% of students use the internet as a source of information for their studies or projects. The Younger generation is spending its maximum time on the internet; it’s not only for entertainment even for information, projects and new skill development. In such scenario, an educational institute should leverage its power through different online platforms.

Internet has revolutionized education sector completely.

Increasing enrollments rate has been the toughest task for education institutes. Limited reach of marketing efforts, long process of evaluation and the high cost of marketing activities made it even more difficult. In absence of tracking system for results of your marketing activities; it’s almost impossible to know which activity is providing maximum results.

Lack of brand awareness and strategy, Leads to low student enrollment rate.

Institutions providing higher education are using digital marketing as one of the most effective ways of engaging students. A step by step approach and planned strategy implemented in the right manner is helping these institutes. Most important thing for these educational institutes is to target the right audience, which is student.

While deciding digital marketing strategy for education institutes very important fact to consider is the need of different students, not everyone is same. Communication and discussion on digital marketing should address every set of students regarding need, their psychology and way of learning are different.

Most important methods for digital marketing for education are website search engine optimization (SEO), mobile optimization, social media engagement and community building. Social media plays very important role as 99% of students are active on different social media platforms. Sharing relevant information through the website and social channels also give very positive results.

Digital marketing not only drive better results even its most cost effective and measurable. It is providing highest conversion rate comparing to traditional marketing methods.

Digital Marketing For Education Sector

Your school website isn’t the only thing that’ll help keep your admissions full. You will attract prospective students by executing a complete digital marketing strategy specifically made for educational institutions.

Discover how we can help your school to get more reach:

We understand your target market better: Decision making steps of parents, their expectations from schools, their usage of digital channels etc.

Driving right people through digital marketing:As every student has different skill sets and requirement same as every school is different as an institution. We figure out what your target audience wants and how they go about their enrollment choice process, take ahead of the competition with targeted messaging.

Leveraging mobile strategy for your audiences: A unique advertisement or invitation increases the chance of getting noticed, attracting interested students and closing the school.

We are helping you to develop a relationship with the potential student or parent by consistently communicating with them, which can increase engagement, and possibly enrollment.

We use social mentions with full potential to spread awareness for school and manage brand image-

  • Promote the school values, goals and aspirations
  • Inform parents/students of events and extra-curricular activities
  • Queries and answers about the school
  • Strengthening relationships with the local community
  • Share ideas and discuss issues
  • Celebrate school achievements
  • Communicate effectively with students

To remain relevant and keeping pace with changing student and parents expectations, schools should adapt accordingly. Digital marketing helps you to engage with your target market with most effective way.